CAPLA Lunch ‘n Learn: PrairieSky Fee Lease
Tuesday, January 27, Sheraton Suites Eau Claire

(Please note change in location for our Lunch 'n Learns next year)
PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. was created in May 2014 through an initial public offering of Encana's 5.2 million acres of fee title and 0.6 million acres of GORR lands which are situated throughout the heart of the oil and gas producing basins in Alberta. Kathy Luther, Manager of PrairieSky's Lease Compliance team, will review their fee lease with an emphasis on lease continuation, offset provisions and the information available on their website. REGISTER TODAY

CAPLA Lunch 'n Learn: Updates to the 1997 CAPL Farmout & Royalty Procedure and the 2007 CAPL Operating Procedure
Tuesday, February 24, Sheraton Suites Eau Claire
Jim MacLean, committee chair and principal draftsman of the documents, will present an overview of efforts to update the 1997 CAPL Farmout & Royalty Procedure and the 2007 CAPL Operating Procedure. The presentation will address reasons for the updates, major changes contemplated and expected completion. REGISTER TODAY 

On September 15, CAPLA partnered with CAPL to gather 109 industry representatives around a table to discuss the complex issue of managing well obligations without active mineral rights. Thank you to Jim MacLean, who initiated this meeting with two articles published in NEXUS and The Negotiator. In the coming months, CAPLA will lead a broader dialogue on the issue to help develop potential best practices. If you have not already contacted us about participating in the second phase of this project and wish to do so, please contact CAPLA CEO Cathy Miller at cathy@caplacanada.org or (403) 452-6621. READ A SUMMARY OF THE ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS

Volunteers like Charmaine Grills, a member of CAPLA’s Education Development Committee, help design courses and workshops that reflect today’s corporate realities. READ MORE 

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