20 years of NEXUS magazine


Welcome to a searchable PDF portfolio of all past issues of NEXUS, from 1994 up to and including the June 2014 issue.  This archive is packaged as a large file and you will need to completely download this portfolio file to your computer before you can even use it. This file can take at least 5 -10 minutes to download.

To access the portfolio file, click on the file below to download. Please note this is a very large PDF file (115 MB) and may take three to five minutes to download to your computer.  DOWNLOAD the file.  It cannot be previewed.

DOWNLOAD: NEXUS Portfolio 20 years.pdf

Below is an illustration of the first screen that will display when the file “NEXUS Portfolio 20 Years.pdf” is opened with Adobe Acrobat X or Adobe Reader X. If you do not see this screen after downloading the file, follow these instructions. Notes for the 20 years of NEXUS PDF Portfolio file