Sponsor CAPLA

At CAPLA we welcome relationships with corporations and companies big and small. Through sponsorships ranging from $500 to $25,000, you and your company can play an important role in our many educational programs, conferences and networking events.

Website ($1000 – $10,000)
Display your logo on our home page, with a direct link to your own website. Everyone using the CAPLA website will see your logo, from job seekers and employers to conference and course registrants. Be front and centre on the CAPLA website – there is no better place to showcase your support.

CAPLA Conference ($1500 – $10,000)

Our annual conference brings together 700 land professionals of all levels for education and networking focused on industry issues and skill development. Get some face time with our members as an exhibitor, and valuable recognition as a conference sponsor.

AGM & Awards Luncheon ($1500 – $7500)

At the CAPLA AGM & Awards Luncheon, over 200 people gather to honour and acknowledge the contributions of our members and sponsors. Awards presented at this event include the CAPLA Champion Award, the Rising Star Award, Outstanding Volunteer Award, Committee of the Year Award, and the President’s Award.

Leadership Breakfast (3 sessions per year – $3000 each or $8000 for all 3 sessions)

Join us at the Calgary Petroleum Club for our quarterly Leadership Breakfasts. About 75 CAPLA members attend these insightful presentations on issues affecting current and future leaders in the industry. Show your leadership by sponsoring and attending these popular early-morning sessions.

Lunch ‘n Learn (8 sessions per year – $2500 each)

Target your audience by sponsoring one or more of our luncheons. These midday breaks feature topics ranging from education and government updates to professional and leadership development.

Lunch, Learn, LEAD! (2 sessions per year – $3000 each or $5000 for all 2 sessions)
At our Lunch, Learn, LEAD! sessions, supervisors and managers working in land gather for lively round table discussions about issues facing leaders in today’s workplace. Pull up a chair and support this great new initiative.

Interactive Round Table Sessions ($1500 – $2500)
At our interactive round tables, we put our heads together to come up with industry-wide solutions and recommendations. Make your mark among land’s movers and shakers by sponsoring an upcoming session.

Government Regulatory Sessions ($500 – $1500)
At CAPLA, we work proactively to strengthen relationships between industry and government. We connect with provincial and federal regulators on a regular basis, encouraging them to present information about upcoming legislative or regulatory changes to our members. You can join the conversation by sponsoring one of these important and well-attended sessions.

A Taste of Europe ($1000 – $5000)
At this unique networking event, our guests meet new colleagues while learning about wine and food pairings. A sommelier and chef work together to provide an exquisite meal in a fine restaurant in downtown Calgary. As a sponsor, you will mingle with 100 to 125 CAPLA members in a relaxed atmosphere (and finally figure out what to serve with amarone).

CAPLA/IRWA/CAPL Triple Round-Up Stampede Event ($1000 – $5000)
This fun networking event helps put us in the Stampede spirit. With more than 600 members and guests at a popular downtown location, you won’t want to miss the party (or the sponsorship opportunity.) Dress Western!

Volunteer Appreciation Event ($1000 – $3000)
CAPLA volunteers work hard to develop courses and provide direction to the association. As a sponsor, you can help us thank our amazing volunteers and recognize their achievements.

Holiday Celebration ($500 – $2000)
About 300 people attend CAPLA’s annual Holiday Celebration, which is a wonderful and relaxing way to mark the end of another year. You are invited to help make this event a highlight of the season for our members – and for you.

New Course Development ($1500 – $2500)
You know that lifelong learning is the key to success in the oil and gas industry. CAPLA volunteers, staff, instructors and advisors work together to design and deliver new courses each year.

For more information about CAPLA sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

DEB WATSON – Executive Director
Tel: 403-919-8198