AER Information Regarding the Public Lands Implementation into OneStop

As you may be aware the AER is releasing the Public Lands activities, as described below, into the OneStop platform for the end of May.

The scope for OneStop public lands will include the ability to apply for:

  • New applications
  • Amendments
  • Renewals
  • Submissions (plan replacement)
  • Site entry notification
  • No entry cancellation

This will be applicable to all dispositions which include, MSL, MLL, LOC, PLA, PIL, RVC and RTF (TFA).

Please note, the following items will not be available through OneStop.

  • Waivers were pulled from scope because a shapefile is not required and this functionality requires a separate technical solution.
  • RTF for a third party to conduct work on a site and is not the holder of the disposition. E.g. reclamation work, requires solution to allow
  • Cancellations for dispositions that were previously rec certed but the disposition was held, requires more integrated solution and consideration.

Please note, a decision has been made that the AER will work with the GOA to shut down the functionality for new submissions in EDS as of May 21st. Please note that this does not affect TFA’s.

This means a window of 7 working days to allow the AER to conduct more extensive testing of the data transfer that we are doing to ensure it’s stable.

Industry will still be able to submit TFA’s up until they move into OneStop, using current process.

A few questions that you may have:

Will FNC’s continue to progress? The answer is yes, they will and EDS will continue to be used for FNC moving forward.

Would there still be the ability to update supplements as requested by AER staff? The answer is yes, current process and functionality would remain to update supplements as requested through SIR’s.

Anything applied for through EDS will continue to be processed in those systems. 

The functionality that would be removed is specific to the ability to start a new submission for a new application, amendment and renewal.

In addition, please continue to monitor the AERs website for information regarding registration for OneStop training for PLA.