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CAPLA is excited to introduce the CAPLA Discussion Forum. Here you will find dedicated “channels” for each of the Petroleum Land Administration disciplines:

  • Surface
  • Mineral
  • Contracts

In addition, you will find other channels which may be of interest to you.

  • General
  • Wells
  • Facilities
  • Systems & Data
  • Government

CAPLA’s hope is that this Forum can be a valuable resource which will help you maximize and increase your knowledge, make new friends and help each other succeed in your increasingly complex roles.

And now a Word about The Code of Conduct…

This Board is for everyone and if used responsibly, can be a wonderful tool. There are volunteer moderators in place that have offered their precious time to ensure that the Forum is a thriving hub of information.

We would ask you to please review and agree to the CAPLA Code of Conduct for the CAPLA Forum. We have every confidence that this Forum will not be abused, but please familiarize yourself with these.

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