Employment Wanted

Looking for the perfect corporation to utilize your skills? Let CAPLA help you in your search by posting your resume with us. This is a service that we are pleased to provide to members only.

Your advertisement will be placed on the Employment Wanted web page, where potential employers can view it. Members are allowed four complimentary ads per year, one in each quarter. Ads run for a period of 30 days and can be renewed by re-submitting your advertisement/resume.

Posting an advertisement or resume:

1.  Submit your advertisement/resume with or without a cover letter. (1 PDF or 1 MS WORD file only)

2.  CAPLA will then post the submitted advertisement or resume (as is & submitted in one file) on the Employment Wanted page as a viewable PDF file.

3.  We recommend that you always indicate a category and a title for your resume/advertisement. Consider a suitable position title and how best to present your experience, education and strengths to a hiring manager.

4.  Format and proof your ad to your complete satisfaction before submitting a copy in a single PDF or single MS WORD file format to office@caplacanada.org.

CAPLA Members Available for Employment: