Code of Conduct

All members are asked to read and agree with the following Code of Conduct before applying for membership or renewing their membership. New active members will also be required to complete two half-day courses, CAPLA Ethics Course Part 1: Professional Ethics within six months and CAPLA Ethics Course Part 2: Professional Practice within 12 months to keep their membership in good standing. Courses run almost every month and new members are encouraged to register as soon as possible as the program fills up quickly. Existing members, although not required to take the courses, are strongly encouraged to do so. The courses are offered at no cost to active members.

Please note that student members will be required to take the ethics courses when they transition to active membership. Government and retired members are not required to take the courses, but are invited to do so free of charge.


CAPLA builds excellence within land asset management.

As members of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration (CAPLA) we value:

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, displaying personal and professional integrity in our workplaces and professional community. We value others by listening to them and creating a culture of accountability in all of our relationships.

We make a difference in our discipline by demonstrating a passion for excellence in our work, actively collaborating with team members, associates in the energy industry and the wider community, always striving to create mutually beneficial solutions.

We deliver results and demonstrate personal leadership by identifying business opportunities, expanding our knowledge and technical expertise through on-going education and understanding while supporting industry standards and delivering professional results without compromise.

CAPLA builds excellence within land asset management disciplines by promoting, maintaining and requiring high standards of professional conduct and fair and honest dealings on the part of each CAPLA member within the industry. CAPLA strives to continually improve and educate its members so that they maintain such high standards and principles as set out in this Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is the basis of conduct, business principles, and ideals for its members. Conduct of any member that is inconsistent with the Code of Conduct shall be considered unethical and the individual’s membership status shall be subject to review for possible cancellation.

CAPLA members:

  • read and accept this Code of Conduct;
  • conduct themselves in a manner that brings positive recognition and credit to themselves, to the land asset management discipline, and to CAPLA;
  • do not engage in any act or conduct that causes disrespect for, or a lack of confidence in, CAPLA, or other CAPLA members, or is known, or ought to be known, to be offensive or harassing in nature;
  • represent the land asset management discipline with the view of establishing and maintaining goodwill with suppliers, contractors, industry partners, and other stakeholders;
  • behave professionally, with integrity, and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with fairness, honesty, integrity, courtesy, and competency;
  • deal honestly and fairly with suppliers, contractors, fellow members, industry partners, and other stakeholders; and
  • do not disclose confidential or proprietary information or use it for personal gain or take unfair advantage of anyone through illegal conduct, manipulation, concealment, misrepresentation or other dishonest or unfair practices.

This Code of Conduct is not intended to address all situations. There will be occasions where members are confronted by circumstances not covered by this Code of Conduct and where a judgment must be made as to an appropriate course of action. In those circumstances members are encouraged to consult with the CAPLA Executive Committee or to use sound judgment that is aligned with the spirit of this Code of Conduct.



Dr. Gary Lepine, a Calgary-based clinical ethicist and organizational consultant, has designed two half-day ethics courses specifically for CAPLA members. Part I is an overview of professional ethics; Part II is a practical application of professional ethics in the workplace using land asset management situations and scenarios. Members must complete both half-day sessions in order to fulfill the program.

The Board of Directors is investing in the membership by offering this course free of charge until further notice.


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