Certification Program

On May 13th, 2019, the Board of Directors held a special meeting of the Board to exclusively discuss the certification program. Leading up to the meeting, information was reviewed from various sources:

– Background of the certification program

– Committee co-chairs’ description of Committee efforts and accomplishments

– Feedback directly from Committee members

– CAPLA Membership Survey comments/suggestions

The Board took time to discuss the above in depth, and the topic was on the agenda for our annual planning/strategy session. The Board has decided to wind up the certification program in order to bring focus to other professional development initiatives that align better with CAPLA member needs in our current environment.

First though, it is important to the Board that you understand the rationale for this decision. It was based on a number of factors, including:

– The significant effort expended by the committee to develop and maintain certification questions.

– The low uptake: the total number of certifications since day one makes up only 7% of our current membership number; if we look at current active members who are certified, that number drops to 5.8%.

– The amount of time and energy required to pass the exam is not a reasonable ask in today’s environment where people are already stretched thin.

– While there is personal satisfaction in passing the exam, companies are not placing value on certification to the extent that was originally intended.

– A CAPLA education philosophy that prioritizes ‘just in time’ and right-sized learning, with an aim to more innovative delivery.

– Recognition that land admin/analyst competencies are broader than the technical knowledge required to pass the exam.

– Certification program has been operating as a negative revenue stream for CAPLA due to the costs associated with having Olds College adjudicating the exams.

The Board is working with the current Co-Chairs of the certification Committee in the following areas:

– Messaging to those who have passed the certification exam. It is only the program that is being shelved. The certification was hard-earned and remains an accomplishment to those members who successfully passed the exam.

– How to manage the candidates currently in the certification pipeline. Continue the current process, and how far out would this put us? Or, put a hard timeline on writing/passing?

The Board has tasked the current certification Committee with items that are critical to the CAPLA vision of a land asset management community united in fellowship, skill development, education and innovation.   In order to achieve this, the Committee will be rebranded and focused on professional development

The CAPLA Board would welcome any feedback you might have on this decision and new direction.