Needing to find subsurface formations? Looking to connect with someone from Alberta Government? Searching for horizontal oil well spacing in Saskatchewan? Wanting to order freehold titles in BC?

Here are some useful links for mineral and contract work as a quick reference guide for contract analysts to help with all these types of questions and more.

Please use the below dashboard to easily access the information you require:

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Agreement Templates

Trust Agreement CAPLA – October 2019

Joint Operating Agreement CAPLA – October 2019

CC Pooling Agreement CAPLA – October 2019

NCC Pooling Agreement CAPLA – October 2019

HZ Well NCC Pooling Agreement CAPLA – October 2019

Royalty Allocation Amending Agreement – July 2018

Amending And Working Interest Clarification Agreement

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2015 CAPL Operating Procedure

2015 CAPL FO&RP Election Sheet – Nov 2015

2015 CAPL Operating Procedure Election Sheet – Nov 2015

2015 CAPL ORR Proc Election Sheet – Nov 2015

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NOA Cover Letter with optional WI summary page – 2017

Assignment and Termination Letter – 2017

Assignment Agreement – 2017

A&N Agreement with Amendments – 2017

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Earning Letters

Earning Letter Introduction (CAPLA)

Earning Letter Example 1 – Capped or Completed Well

Earning Letter Example 2 – Abandoned Well

Earning Letter Example 3 – Test and Option Well

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Independent Operations Notice Template Package

ION Cover Letter – Aug 2007

ION Template – Aug 2007

ION Annotated Template – Aug 2007

ION Production Facility Example – Aug 2007

ION Drilling Example – Sept 2007

ION Equipping Example – Sept 2007

ION Sidetrack Example -Sept 2007

ION Completion Example – Sept 2007

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MacLean Resource Management Ltd- Resource Centre Materials: CAPL Operating Procedure, CAPL Farmount & Royalty Procedure, CAPL Property Transfer Procedure, Other

CAPLA ROFR Quick Reference Guide

Link to 2017 CAPL Property Transfer Procedure Documents

Link to 2017 PJVA/CAPL Pad Site Sharing Agreement Documents

Segregation – Five Simple Rules – Dec 2012

Segregation Protocol Final – June 2011

Lunch ‘n Learn – Royalties – Nov 2016

Lunch ‘n Learn – Draft Updates CAPL Operating Procedure & CAPL Farmout & Royalty Procedure – Feb 2015

Lunch ‘n Learn – Why You Should Be Much More Afraid of the 1990 than the 2007 CAPL Operating Procedure – June 2011

Lunch ‘n Learn – Trusts Presentation – March 2011

Lunch ‘n Learn – PSAs and Other Sales Documents – Jan 2011

Clause 3.11 Insurance CAPL Operating Procedure (2007) from the Open Forum – Sept 2009

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Trust Agreement – March 2018

Joint Operating Agreement – Oct 2016

NCC Pooling Agreement – Jan 2016

CC Pooling Agreement – Jan 2016

HZ Well NCC Pooling Agreement – May 2015

Royalty Allocation Lease Amending Agreement – Sept 2015

CAPLA Royalty Allocation Lease Amending Agreement – June 2019

NCC Pooling Agreement CAPLA – June 2019

CAPLA Royalty Allocation Lease Amending Agreement – June 2019

Joint Operating Agreement – March 2012

CAPL 90 PASC 96 Election Sheet – blank – Feb 2012

CAPL 90 PASC 96 Election Sheet – sample rates – Feb 2012

2007 CAPL Election Sheet

Joint Operating Agreement – Case Study 1

Joint Operating Agreement – Case Study 2

Joint Operating Agreement Schedule B

Joint Operating Agreement Q and A

JOA Checklist – Feb 2012

JOA Introduction – Feb 2012

Cross-Conveyed – Feb 2013

Trust Agreement – with rental clause – Jan 2012

Trust Agreement – no rental clause – Jan 2012

Inclusion Agreement – Feb 2012

Non-Cross Conveyed – June 2014

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